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Our business model is simple:

We Listen. We Act. We Serve.


Additives International, a Lockhart Chemical Company, manufactures a full range of solutions for metal working and surface protection formulators at our Flint, MI, location.

Whether you are formulating soluble, synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids or Rust Preventive products, our sulfonate based emulsifiers, wax-oxidate rust preventives, amides, corrosion inhibitors, lubricity additives and other surface treatment chemicals such as SulfoGel™ gelled calcium sulfonates will get you to the cost-performance levels you seek.

In addition to our standard product line, as an independently owned specialty additives manufacturer, we work closely with our customers to develop specific solutions to meet specific fluid requirements.

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Gelled calclium sulfonates for oil or solvent based long term coatings.
Lubristay™ 25
High molecular weight polymeric ester.



Natural Sodium sulfonate
(all weights), emulsifiers, soluble bases and blends.

Counter Rust™
Neutral, natural and overbased calcium sulfonates, neutral and overbased barium sulfonates.
Counter Rust Packages for Formulating Rust Preventatives
Water displacing, water emulsifiable, barium, calcium and sodium based corrosion inhibitors.



Additives International    A Lockhart Chemical Company    4302 James P. Cole Boulevard    Flint, MI 48505