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Our business model is simple:

We Listen. We Act. We Serve.


Additives International, A Lockhart Chemical Company, manufactures and markets a wide range of solutions for surface protection and metal processing formulators across the globe from our facility in Flint, MI.


We manufacture:

Sodium, calcium and barium sulfonates in a range of molecular weights and TBN

Oxidates of waxes and petrolatums including conversion to esters or calcium soaps

Water Displacing Rust Preventives based on oxidates and calcium or barium sulfonates

Emulsifier bases and concentrates for soluble and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids

Gelled Calcium Sulfonates in oil, solvent, water and wax carriers

Amides, corrosion inhibitors, lubricity and EP additives designed for enhanced performance of metalworking fluids

As an independently owned specialty additives manufacturer, we work closely with our customers to develop unique, cost-effective solutions to help them achieve the performance required.

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Additives International    A Lockhart Chemical Company    4302 James P. Cole Boulevard    Flint, MI 48505